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Oregon Sustainability Award

Oregon Sustainability Award PhotoThe Zero Waste Alliance (ZWA) along with the Green Electronics Council (GEC) and their parent organization, the International Sustainable Development Foundation (ISDF) collectively were awarded the prestigous Oregon Sustainability Award for the development and implementation of the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) at the State Capitol in Salem, Oregon.

From the text of the award...

"This Focus Award pays tribute to two of ISDF's programs—the Zero Waste Alliance and The Green Electronics Council, and their successful launch of the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, commonly known as EPEAT.

Oregon State CapitolEPEAT is essentially a national, market-based initiative for accelerating the design and manufacture of environmentally preferable electronic products. After three years and with input from over 100 stakeholders across the US, EPEAT has become the first accepted national standard for "green electronics;" is cited as a purchase criterion on over $42 billion worth of IT equipment purchase contracts; and it's already being adopted by other countries, such as Canada and New Zealand.

The US EPA estimates that the manufacture and sale of EPEAT registered computers by 2010 will save 16 million pounds of mostly hazardous waste and enough electricity to power 60,000 homes for a year!"

Photo of Governor and ISDF group

From left, first row: Oregon Governor Kulongoski; Kent Snyder; Wayne Rifer; Larry Chalfan, ZWA Executive Director; Ted Reichelt, Intel; Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury. Back row: Jeff Omelchuck, GEC Executive Director; Wayne Lei, ISDF Board Chair.

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