Please look to the following organizations or sources of information to support your efforts to zero waste and sustainability:

Zero Waste Alliance Documents

The Road Map to Zero Waste - Process Guide

The Zero Waste District Program

The Zero Waste Mapping Platform

ZWA 2012 Nail Salon Technicians Study

Zero Waste Alliance Webcast

September 10, 2012 Doug Woodring - The Plastic Disclosure Project

On The Path! Articles about innovative organizations, pratices and technologies that are helping to lead us down the path to a propsperous and inclusive future without waste.

Zero Waste Alliance Links

METRO Recycle at Work

Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

Grass Roots Recycling Network (GRRN) Zero Waste Page 

The International Society for Industrial Ecology 

The Journal of Industrial Ecology

EPA Green Chemistry Homepage

The Green Chemistry Institute

Green Chemistry Network

Green Chemistry at the University of Oregon

US EPA Design for Environment Program Home

EPA Environmental Management Systems Clearinghouse 

Green Electronics

Marine Waste and Plastics

Healthier Communities at OR Environmental Council

Urban Sustainability

Sustainable Solutions for Rural, Resource-Based Communities